Revelation: The Revealed and the Sealed - Day 29

If there is a more misunderstood book within the Bible, I am not aware of it. The Book of Revelation has been written about so much that the books of men seeking to explain this Book of God would require an entire library just to contain them. In fact it has been written about in so many different ways, with men drawing so many different conclusions, that we might be tempted to just skip it all together. Do not yield to this temptation, for by doing so you will be cheating yourself out of some of the Bible's most vital truths.


Maybe it's best to start with this: There are some things that this book of prophesy reveals. It gives us warnings about the fact that people within the church will go into error, endangering their very right to remain a part of Christ's church. It also gives us instruction on how we can come back and remain within that church. It further gives us glimpses into the Day of Judgment, and it reveals who will be saved and who will be lost at that Judgment.


But it is also important for us to understand that their are some things that we cannot understand, because there are things that God has simply not yet revealed. These things remain "sealed" so while we can know the things that God has made plain, there are some things we cannot know. Think back to John's account of he and and Peter running to the tomb where Christ had been buried. Though they had been with Jesus for about three years we are told that they still did not understand from the Scripture that Jesus would raise from the dead, (John 20:9). The point is that prophesy gives us glimpses of the future, but there is so much about prophesy that we cannot know fully because God does not want us to know.


Then there is the Second coming of Christ. Jesus said no one but God knew when that day would come, not even the angels or the Son (Mark 13:32), yet we still have people pouring over the Book of Revelation to discover that very thing that we are told we cannot know. My point is this: As you read through this book of prophesy, you must not be so foolish as to think that you will find the things that are not given for men to know.


So, read the book for what you can know. Read to discover what Jesus reveals as to the church, and how the Christians who make up that sacred body of Christ can remain in Him. Read about the fact that there is a constant battle between good and evil. We cannot know the specifics, but we can know the dangers coming fromthose who oppose Jesus, and therefore those who will oppose His church. Best of all, we can read to get a glimpse of what the Day of Judgment and the Heaven to follow will be like.


Take the instruction that you can understand to heart, but be cautious not to get to caught up in trying to discover the secrets about the future that have not been revealed and that we therefore cannot know. The Book of Revelation will give you insight, warning and encouragement. Take it for what it is, and you will likely have far more of the knowledge and wisdom that we can know, than all of the writers of history who have opined and speculated upon things that it has not been given for men to understand.


Today's reading is Revelation 1-11. Pray for wisdom that God will reveal what you need to know, and the understanding that there are some things that you cannot know until Christ comes again.