If I told you there was a way to change your life by reading a few chapters a day, would you be intrigued? People often say there is no manual for life, and while that may be true for the details, there is a manual for the overarching themes in life, and it is the Word of God. Have you read it? Have you experienced the power of God as you read His Word and try to live by it? If you could change your life, would you?


Have you ever wondered where we come from? How did life begin? What did the first people do? You can find out all these answers in the first few books of the Bible. See how God has worked in the lives of people since the creation of time. Look for the common thread that weaves the entire story together. Can you find Christ even in the Old Testament? He is there. 


Does every nation need a leader? Why would the people give up the greatest King, God, in favor of an earthly king? Can we relate to the Israelites, when we see them giving up on God, because they thought He was answering? But He was there the whole time, trying to draw people near to Him, yet not forcing them because He wants our hearts. 


Sometimes it can seem that God has forgotten us, yet often it is the other way around. We find ourselves on a course that is alien to the life that He intended for us to live, but when we turn back to Him and find out the course He wants for our lives it can turn around. The theme remains the same, He wants our hearts, He loves us, He has standards, and when we surrender to His goodness, He is there. 


God does not want you to fail. Just like He did not want the Israelites to fail and gave them warning after warning to turn their hearts back to Him, so also He gives us His Word. He does not give us instruction about things that we are incapable of doing (good or bad), but rather shows us the right way. The question is will we listen? Will we try to honor Him in all things? Or will we repeat the mistakes of those who have gone before us? He is on our side. He wants us to win. He wants us to choose Him.

PSALM 119 

Looking for some peace in the midst of all the chaos? This simple challenge is a great one to help you focus daily on what is important. Simply take a verse each day from the 119 Psalm and write it on an index card, then place it somewhere you will see it regularly. Meditating on God's Word is a powerful tool to start to putting His words into action.