Day 14: Nothing is too Hard for God

Then the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah:

"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind.

Is anything too hard for Me?"

Jeremiah 32:26, NIV 


We all get to wondering from time to time... we get involved in very difficult situations (perhaps even hopeless in our estimation) and we wonder if even God could get us out of the mess we are in.


I sometimes look at the sorry state of our own nation. Violence is rampant. Drugs are a blight and seem to be cursing society at every level. You can not turn on your television or computer without being inundated with pornography. People view unwanted babies as a curse and dispose of them like they would yesterday's garbage. Language that used to make a sailor blush is now on the lips of our children. The Lord's name cannot be uttered in reverence in the public square, but can be used in vain everywhere.


Christianity is reviled by the social elite among those in positions of power and influence. Radical Islam is praised, illegal aliens are rewarded, and those who work hard enough to get ahead are demonized as greedy and selfish.


We look at all of this and we think that there is nothing we can do. We would like to vote out the evil men and women who are facilitating this wickedness, but cheating has been so rampant and well documented to the point that we wonder if our vote even matters anymore. Often, corrupt among us vote without identification, while those who feel cheated by  this corruption simply stay home.


So... what is a righteous person to do? Is there anything that can be done?


The answer to this during Jeremiah's time was,  "yes!" In fact, the answer during every difficult period of history during which men sank to the level of animals was yes! And the answer during our times is still "yes" - there is something that can be done! But it involves repentance. It involves studying God's Word. It involves humbling our selves before the mighty Creator of the Universe and asking for His help. And it involves hard work on our part!


Are you willing to do your part? If so, then you may live with the assurance that God will help according to His perfect will. And nothing is too hard for God!


Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm.

Nothing is too hard for You.

Jeremiah 32:17, NIV 


Today is the 14th day of the 30 day challenge to read through the books of the prophets of God, with Jeremiah 29-35 being the reading for today. May God richly bless you as you seek His help in all of life's challenges!