Delighting in God's Word

Thy testimonies also are my delight... Psalms 119:24, KJV


What types of things delight you? When we are children, it can be something as simple as a cold popsicle on a hot day, or something as big as our birthday or Christmas! Do you remember the sheer joy of anticipation from these delights of childhood?


As we approach our teen years, our delights become much more individualized. From a good book to the one who has learned to love reading, to the thrill of sports and games for the ones who have developed a competitive nature, to the relationships of close friends, we learn to long for and savor our developing delights.


These things that we delight in  through childhood and adolescence will become deeply ingrained, and they will develop into the very things that we build our lives around as adults. This is why it is so important to gain a delight in the word of God as soon as possible. We do this for our children by reading them Bible stories and taking them to Bible class on Wednesday nights and to Sunday school to begin their week, These delights will become further expanded as we learn to read the word on our own - a gift of a Bible and maybe even a Bible journal for our older children can go a long way into developing these important habits that they will keep throughout their lives, if they will only learn to cherish the word of God at an early age.


But, whether or not we had a strong start as this, we can still learn to delight in the word of God right now, and the 119th Psalm is an excellent place to begin for it is written by someone who is deeply in love with God and with His word.


This week's Psalms will be the 22nd through 28th, in this 119th chapter. Are you still writing down each day's Psalm and carrying it with you? If so, you are doubtlessly experiencing the delight that can only come from a close relationship with the inspired word of God. If not, why not try it today? It is guaranteed to delight!


Make me to understand the way of Thy precepts; so shall I talk of Thy wondrous works. Psalms 119:27, KJV