Do We Really Believe?

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6, NKJV


Do we really believe all of the Word of God, or just that part that we agree with? It may seem like a ridiculous question, but think about it for a moment: How many people don't believe in hell? How many people don't feel that sexual immorality as defined by the Scriptures is really all that immoral? How many people occasionally lie their harmless little lies and think that they are okay? How many people have a little too much to drink (get drunk) on special occasions? How many people believe that the world was created in 6 days, that the world was really flooded at one time, that Jonah was really swallowed by a big fish, and that the first man and woman really did live the exact life that is described in Genesis?


The point of all this is to show that many people who claim to trust in God really don't. Otherwise they wouldn't disagree with what His holy Word sets forth. They wouldn't overrule His judgments on right and wrong. They wouldn't decide that some event that is clearly stated as being true within Scripture is really a bit hard to swallow because it is not logical to their "educated" mind. And they wouldn't "play god" and decide what was true and what was not, because they would trust in the Lord with all of their heart and they wouldn't lean on their own understanding.


They wouldn't listen to so-called preachers and Bible scholars who have determined in their infinite wisdom that some of the things that God says are so, aren't really so at all. And they sure wouldn't lean towards "scientific" theory as being true and the Bible being false whenever the two conflicted. In short, they would trust in God enough to give Him the benefit of every doubt because they would understand that He is perfect and that His Word is flawless.


And if we did that - we who wear the name "Christian" - instead of being wishy-washy whenever truth came into disagreement with theory, then this world would not have so many problems. It has been my observation that the children of the world (Satan's children) are often more loyal to the lies of the devil, than the children of God are to the truth. And whenever this happens we get what we have today - a world that is filled with hatred and war and every type of sinful behavior that one could imagine.


So, what is the solution? I believe it begins with settling in your own mind whether or not you believe in the whole Bible, or just part of it. If it is just part, if your intellect just cannot come to grips with some of the Bible's teaching, then let me suggest this: Make up your mind! If you truly trust God, then logic will dictate that He would never have left us with an imperfect Bible. If in our mind we believe that He was too incompetent to leave us with His will, mistake free, then maybe we should just give up because we are surely placing ourselves on a superior intellectual plane than that which we view God as being on. And if we are arrogant enough to think that God made mistakes but we are smart enough to figure our what those mistakes are, then we really do think more of ourselves than we do of God. So, again, what is the solution?


The solution is to trust in God with all of our heart and to not lean on our own understanding. This verse is not saying that we are to be without understanding, it is just pointing out that God's way, whether we fully understand it or not, is worthy of the benefit of the doubt. If we believe that He is indeed God, and if we believe that the Bible is His Word, then we need to treat it that way. This will mean no more disagreeing with the Word of God. If He said something happened in a certain way, then we can be confident it did. If He says something is sin, then we can be assured that it is. And if He shows us where the right paths are, then we can be positive that if we travel these paths that we will find Him and eternal salvation.


I really do believe that when we stop straddling the fences within our own minds as to whether God's Word is completely trustworthy or not, then we can get down to the business of living in the way that He deems best. If we will do that we will have order and peace and hope. But if not we will have chaos and turmoil and despair. I'm not sure which one most people will choose, but I know that logic and reason dictate that completely trusting in God and His Word will always result in the best possible outcome. And that outcome will be Heaven!