Are We Really All that Devoted to God?

For Who is God save the LORD? Or Who is a rock save our God?

Psalms 18:31, KJV


One of our men in Bible class shared what he described as "a rather crude example" that he had heard earlier that day. He was listening to a podcast that was talking about the fervor that a drug addict has as compared to many Christians. In the illustration the point was made that when a drug addict wakes up, he is going to need a "fix". He may not have the financial means to get that fix. Since doing so will be illegal he cannot be certain of the place he will get his drugs. He may have to move heaven and earth to do so, but he is going to make it happen - he is going to be focused and devoted until he fulfils his need. 


It got me to thinking. I began to think about those with more socially acceptable and admirable pursuits. Take the health devotee. He is going to get his workout before all other things. Even if it means getting up early to do so, he is going to make it happen. He has determined that his health is of utmost importance and he is going to make sure that it is taken care of above all the other commitments that he may have - he is going to be focused and devoted until he fulfils his need.


Over and over in the Bible, we read of God's frustration with the people He created because of their unfaithful behavior. There are numerous examples of idol worshippers who, despite the futility of their purpose, are determined to do whatever it takes to serve their false God. Like the drug addict seeking his fix, it is a mindless pursuit to be sure., Nevertheless, the idol worshipper will make it happen.


And there are examples of those with noble pursuits. For example, In Jeremiah 35 we read of a family whose forefather, Jehonadab, commanded them not to live in houses built by men, nor to drink wine, nor to plant vineyards or crops. Furthermore, when told to go ahead and drink wine, they refused. God pointed out to Jeremiah that they were more faithful in keeping the desires of their ancestor than the Israelites were in keeping the commandments of the Lord.


So we see in these instances two types of devotion: One that is evil (idol worship), and one that is fine to do but not required (keeping an ancestor's wishes). And in both cases, whether for good or evil, we find men and women who have far more devotion to the object of their desire than people of faith often have to God. As the man raised the question from the rather crude example of the drug addict - "are we going to be outhustled by a crackhead?"


And this question hits at the heart of the matter. Do we have the devotion that the world has in their worldly pursuits, good or bad, when it comes to serving our God? Are we ever going to put in the time and effort needed to understand His will, or are we going to be outhustled by a drug addict? Are we ever going to set aside the first day of the week to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, or are we going to be out devoted by a body builder? 


The fact is that people of this world are often making things happen, whether good or bad, in a much more serious manner than many who call themselves Christians. And this, my precious brothers and sisters, cannot be! We must develop a "no excuses" devotion in our service to God and Christ if we are to ever have a hope of being pleasing to them. This means that we will pray, we will study the Word, and we will worship on the first day of each and every week - without excuse. Like the noble health devotee and the ignoble drug addict, there will be times when unavoidable circumstances arise and it is not possible to do what we are committed to doing. But, barring those rare occurrences, we must "make it happen". 


And if we are truly devoted to God and Christ, we will!