The Need For Real Men Who are Real Christians

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then...

Ephesians 6:13-14(a), NIV

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.

I Corinthians 16:13-14(a), NIV


The more wicked society becomes, the more I see the need for real men who have the courage to stand against this wickedness. I don't mean that we need men of violence who refuse to turn the other cheek, but I believe we may have missed the meaning of Jesus' command for us to not resist evil men. I don't believe He was telling us to be weak and let wicked men do whatever they wanted; rather, I believe He was instructing us not to repay evil for evil. The reason I think this is that we see Jesus on several occasions not allowing wicked men to do Him harm, even when it was their clear intent to do so. 


The other reason I believe this is due to passages like the ones above. We are to take stands against evil - even to the point of putting on the full armor of God to defend ourselves against the devil's wicked schemes. So, to the best of my understanding, it would appear that we are allowed to defend God's righteous cause, including taking stands to defend the innocent, while at the same time not going to the sinful extreme of retaliating against wicked men.


In other words, it would appear that God expects righteous men to uphold justice, while allowing for His vengeance at the time of His choosing. We cannot stand idly by when Satan's followers are attacking the innocent, but we must be careful not to go too far by taking revenge. Justice in the absence of vengeance may be tricky to accomplish, but it is not only possible, it is absolutely necessary to do so.


This is where Christian men being men of courage is so desperately needed. Where were the men needed to take those necessary stands when God was being removed from the public square by evil men? Where were the men needed to take stands against the aborting of millions of innocent children? Where are the men now, when men of perversion wish to be around our wives and children? I'm not saying that they needed to be violent or take God's vengeance, I am asking why so few had the courage to stand against evil and let Satan's children know that they could not sin against God and commit their crimes against the innocent?


We are seeing the results of the lack of righteous men willing to take righteous stands over the years. The filth and degradation has spilled out openly into our streets, often into our schools, and sometimes even into the church. Where are the men of courage who will say no more? And I am asking this question specifically to men of faith because it is your job. We have righteous women who are willing to take these stands and these women of virtue are to be commended.


Having said that, I believe that it is we men who have shrunk back during the times when we were needed most. As a result, the penalty for taking righteous stands will now be harsher than it was in the beginning when wicked men were first allowing their wicked deeds to be seen in the open light of day. They were likely surprised when their wicked deeds were met with such small opposition. Now the boldness of the devil's followers has grown by magnitudes, and it is time for men to be weak no more. We can take the stands that God requires us to take, but it will require us to become familiar with God's expectations that are found within His holy Word. And we must take these righteous stands for what will happen to the innocent if we do not?


So, where are you men of faith? Are we ready to show ourselves as the men God expects us to be, or will we cower in fear hoping that wicked men in high places don't notice us at all? The answer to these questions, I believe, will determine whether or not we are a society that is even worth saving. America is trembling on the brink of destruction at the present, as can be clearly seen by those honest enough to look. Sadly, so too is the church. And while it would be tragic indeed for us to lose our nation, such nations as ours that have given themselves over to wickedness have always faced the choice or repentance or destruction. Losing America would be a blow to the entire world.


However, losing the church and losing your soul would be fatal. It is time, men of faith to stop fooling ourselves and take a righteous stand. God will help us, but we must stand now or we will find ourselves and our families suffering the consequences for all eternity. 


One more thing that I believe we must keep in mind: Those on God's side are going to win. If we are going to be on His winning side, we are going to have to be strong; we are going to have to be courageous; we are going to have to do these things in love; and we are going to have to take a stand!