When He arose from prayer and went back to the disciples, He found them asleep and exhausted from sorrow. "Why are you sleeping?" He asked them, "Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation."

Luke 22:45-46, NIV 


The setting for the passage above was the Mount of Olives, where Jesus was praying for God's will in His upcoming betrayal, arrest and crucifixion. Jesus had asked His closest friends to keep watch so that He could pray but now, for the third time, Jesus had found the disciples asleep on duty. I look at that today and wonder why they couldn't have just stayed awake this one occasion when Jesus really needed them.


And, then I have to catch myself... for how many times have I fallen asleep when Christ needed me?


The fact is that God has put each one of us here to serve the One who gave His life for us. And though we all know this, we still get distracted. And we still get tired. And we sometimes fall asleep when we should be awake. I wonder how many opportunities I have missed to help others come to Christ for no other reason than I was asleep. I had this "important project" to take care of, or that "big event" to attend, or my family to feed - or whatever it was that particular day - and I fell asleep.


We all need to come to the realization that we are somebody's best chance for salvation. Because of our relationship with them or our unique presence in their lives, it is we who are there at the very time that they will be the most receptive to God's invitation. They are depending on us to "stay awake" at their vital moment so that we can bring the Good News to them or to help them draw closer to Jesus in some way.


Will we be there for these precious souls in the same way that someone was there for us? Will we do what God has put us here for? Will we help bring them to Jesus?


Or are we asleep?


"Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of My God."

Revelation 3:2, NIV


This is the 22nd day of your commitment to study through the New Testament in 90 days. If you have made it this far, you have learned things that you may have never caught before in your more casual readings through the Scriptures. I pray that God will bless you richly as you continue to search for His truth!