Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

Any fool can believe what he wants to believe... and most do! It takes a wise man to believe what God wants him to believe.

Leroy Brownlow tells the story of an experienced marksman who was walking down a country lane . As he approached a village, he noticed targets that had been drawn all along that road. They were everywhere - on trees and fence posts and barns - and the man was astounded to see at the very center of every one of the targets was a bullet hole.

The man was so impressed that he simply had to find the person who had performed this incredible feat of marksmanship. When he got to town he was soon directed to the man who had done the shooting and he asked him to what he attributed this amazing skill. Was it continual practice? Some extraordinary, inborn talent? A new, sophisticated rifle? The man just smiled and said, "It's nothing, really. I just shoot first and draw the target afterward."

Have you ever known anyone like that? I have to admit that it's a trait far too common among those in my profession. We are all human and we all want to appear to be right, so we sometimes form the opinion and then surround that opinion with any facts that might lend their support to our way of thinking.

But, we must realize that this is something we cannot afford to do as God's servants. This is why our daily Bible readings are so important. Each day we have the invitation to sit at the feet of the Creator and receive His perfect instruction. There will be times that we don't understand a specific passage, but that's okay - just keep reading. God inspired the writers of His word, so we can be confident there are no mistakes. He loves us dearly, so we don't have to worry that He is somehow trying to trick or mislead us in any way.

So if you and I can refrain from shooting first and drawing the target later, it is very likely that we will come to understand the Gospel of Christ, rather than the gospel according to you and me. This one practice might prove to be the difference in determining whether we will live as wise men or as fools.

Have you read your Bible today? 

Seek and you will find.

Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 7:7, NIV