Eternal Gas and Other Religions

In the beginning God...

I'm always fascinated by the so called "educated" minds within the evolution religion. I say religion, because it is more by faith than any religion I know.

We just got back from our annual teen trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We saw incredible displays of God's might and power throughout the trip. There are places in the Rockies where you can actually look down on other mountains. One of the most beautiful views looks down on mountains sprinkled with lakes that are fed by glaciers. Our God truly is an awesome God!

But, to hear the "Big Bang" theorists, there is no God. When you press them for an explanation as to why they do not believe, you will often hear something along the lines of "I just cannot believe in a God that is eternal. Logic dictates that all things and beings came from something else already in existence. Therefore, those who believe in religion - and specifically those who believe in an eternal creator - are simple and superstitious in their thinking."

So, you humor them and ask them where they think the world came from. "Billions of years ago", they will begin, "There was no world and no universe - only various types of gas. This gas would explode from time to time, and one of these explosions formed our world. Microscopic creatures were also formed, over a period of millions of years, and these creatures slowly evolved into everything from trees and weeds to snails and men."

What dizzying intellects! So you continue to press them as to where this gas came from, they will respond, "Oh, the gas was always there." So, these geniuses who have spent over a hundred years and billions of dollars doing scientific research in an attempt to prove something that is still referred to as "Theory", believe that we are superstitious because we believe in an Eternal God, while they believe in "eternal gas".


For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20, NIV