It Rained!

“And I will make them and the places around My hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.”

The words of God, Ezekiel 34:26

At 7:30 yesterday evening the folks were coming up the walk at the little church of Christ on Main Street - when it happened! A bolt of lightning lit up the sky, the clouds let forth a jarring thunder, and the electricity went off. Then the rains came!

Half of us ran for shelter, the other half just milled around like cattle,not quite sure what to do next. Then my good friend Luke pulls up in his chauffeur (I looked the spelling on this word up) driven car, escapes from his car seat and whips out his new umbrella. His mom said he had been practicing with it in the sprinkler all day. Luke knew what to do because he had been expecting rain!

As the folks continued to drive up and run in, we gathered in the foyer and watched the other folks driving up and running in. A brief conference was held in that early darkness created by the storm and lack of electricity, and it was decided that we should postpone our Bible study and let everyone get home before it got too bad to git.

Then we prayed…

Mark led us in the prayer, thanking God for the rain, humbly asking for more if it were to be God’s will, and asking for God’s continued help for those who so desperately needed His help.

Then Carolyn and I came home, pulled up a seat in the living room, opened up the glass on our screen door, and watched the storm. And, as we listened to the rain pouring off the roof and watched the lightning lighting up the sky, we talked about how blessed we have been in our lives.

I checked the rain gauge this morning… it was kind of slanted from the wind, but it registered 0.35 beautiful inches of rain. That works out to over 120 inches annually!

I think I’ll ask my good friend Luke if I can borrow his umbrella.

“You visit the earth and water it; You greatly enrich it; The river of God is full of water…

Psalms 65