Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy, Happy, Happy: "That peace of mind you get when you come to Jesus Christ"

Phil Robertson - "the Duck Commander"

Happy, Happy, Happiness is going around in our little town after our girls won the mile relay at the State track meet in Austin this weekend. Lynde, Sierra, Elise and Tori - along with our super coach, Tim Givens - left Happy on Thursday to the tune of sirens and cheers. At midnight on Friday they gave the town of Happy something to truly cheer about: A gold medal in the mile relay.

I got a call from one of the girls' grandmothers right after midnight. She said she knew it was late but that she had to tell us about the race... as the Dad of three former high school athletes, I understood her excitement completely.

Monday, May 13 at 2:30, the town will go out to the school to honor the victors. We will be celebrating with these four in particular - but it's really for all of our kids, past and present, who have ever competed. We know that all of their sporting events are just a game, but we celebrate because those who participate are not just any old kids: They are our kids. And we are proud of them!

There is one other "Happy, Happy, Happy" area of our lives that we should also think about... and that is our Lord and Savior. If you are saved -if you have truly come to Jesus in His way - then you know what happiness is. It is the peace of mind that only comes through Jesus. If you don't know this happiness, may I recommend that you come to know Christ? These events that we celebrate are indeed special, but they will mean nothing in the end if we don't have Christ. But, if you do, then you truly can experience this Happy, Happy, Happy life.

So for now: To Lynde and Sierra and Elise and Tori and to our super coach Tim, we thank you for the pure joy of watching you compete and win! Isn't it grand to be Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy the people to whom such blessings fall! Happy the people whose God is Lord!

Psalms 144:15, RSV