Day 39: Almost Saved... Is Lost

Almost saved is lost. Anon.

The final three weeks of this series on changing your life for God focused on salvation. The reason for spending so much time on this one topic is simple: There will be a judgment someday, we will all be judged, and we will either be saved or we will be lost. This is why you are changing your life. If you have any goal that is more important than the salvation of your soul, and the souls of your loved ones, then you probably won't make it. But you will make it for you are going to change!

In Week 7 we looked at, 1: Are you saved?, 2: The Grace of God, 3: The Blood of Christ and, 4: Sanctification by the Holy Spirit. The point of this week was to look at what has been done for us so that we may be saved. The grace of God is a wonderful gift that should never be overlooked - it is our starting point. It should be stressed that the Scriptures do not say we are saved by grace only, but we must understand that we cannot even start without grace.

The sacrifice of Jesus is our next consideration. All have sinned, the wages of sin is death, but Jesus died in our place. Will you now live for Him? The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit is also a critical part of salvation - without holiness, no one will see the Lord, and this is why the Holy Spirit's part is so vital to our being saved. Don't overlook that God's grace, Christ's sacrifice, and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, were done for us, not by us. That was their part. The wise man will ask, "What is my responsibility?"

The Bible is not silent on our part of salvation. In weeks 8 & 9 we looked at, 1: The Gospel, 2: Faith and Belief, 3: Confession of Belief; 4:Repentance and, 5: Baptism. In short, we are to hear the Gospel, believe, confess our belief that Jesus is Lord and the Son of God, repent of our sins, and be baptized.

Please also note that our part is not like a buffet line wherein you can pick and choose what you want. It is God's plan of salvation, so not one part can be left out. Once we hear the good news and believe it, we then have a decision to make: Will we freely confess our belief in Christ before men? Will we truly repent - that is, turn away from our sins? Will we even be baptized, or will we reject this part or perhaps even do something else and call it baptism? It should be noted at this point that baptism is an immersion. It does not mean to sprinkle or pour water. Bible scholars are in full consent that all who were commanded to be baptized in New Testament times were immersed. Since we have that pattern, does it make any sense to take a chance that He will accept anything else?

In Week 9 we concluded with, 1: Just Do It, 2: Discipline and, 3: Counting the Cost. The principles of these three thoughts were all included at the very beginning of this series, but need to be re-visited by those who are really going to do something about their service to God. If we are to ever serve God in His way, we will have to just buckle down and do it. This will take a type of discipline that many people have never possessed -pray to God for help - He will not fail you in this! And, of course, there is the need to count the cost. Serving God and Christ is not a part time effort - it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... for the rest of your life.

Most will not be willing to give this type of commitment, but there is a life of indescribable joy awaiting for those who are willing. Have you begun your change yet? If you have, even if you are just getting started, then you already have experienced a glimpse of the joy and peace that are reserved for the faithful children of God.

This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.     I Timothy 2:3-4, NIV