Day 7: Nourish Your Soul

They're not called the Ten Suggestions, they are called the Ten Commandments. Ted Kopel

The next necessary step to true change is in the area of God's word: Read your Bible every day. "But I don't have that kind of time" is the most common, and most pitiful excuse of all. Do you eat every day? Sleep? The point is not that eating and sleeping are optional - the point is that neither is reading God's word, if you want to live for God. It tells you of His concerns, it reveals the way His world works, it tells you about the rules that He has thoughtfully placed for our benefit. It tells of His Son, Jesus, and the love He has for us. It contains the secret to a happy life and the road map to Heaven. You cannot change your life without reading the Bible on a regular basis and... you cannot read it on a regular basis without it changing your life. It is a love letter from God!

I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands. Psalms 119:131, NIV