Have You Given Up On America?

We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come.

Samuel Adams, July 4th 1776 


Perhaps, you have given up. Perhaps you have looked at the state of our nation, and have thought that we have gone too far. Perhaps you have done your part in the past, voting for men who said they would do one thing, only to have them turn around and do the opposite.


Perhaps you have looked at evil laws passed that make all Americans pay for abortion under the guise of helping the poor get healthcare. Perhaps you have grown weary of people practicing their hatred for other people, under the claim of diversity. Perhaps you have seen a mockery made of marriage and are concerned. Perhaps you have watched our foolish leaders heap debt upon debt, in order to enrich themselves and their cronies, and wonder how your children and grandchildren will live under the crushing burden of this debt.


Perhaps you are tired of seeing pornography on everything from the evening news to the commercials during our children's morning cartoons. Perhaps you look at the sexual perversion, the fiscal insanity. the moral decay, and you are angry. Perhaps you have considered the corruption of many of our politicians and judges and just think that it is too late. Perhaps you have watched as our very leaders arm terrorists overseas and invite them to live freely in our very nation and you are outraged. Perhaps you have tried to share your concern with friends and associates only to see that concern received with derision,irritation or apathy, and you are on the verge of just giving up.


I share your concern, but if you think that it is too late, you are wrong! You see, we serve a powerful God, and despite many of our schools and nearly all of our universities teaching that there is no God, that He is merely an unnecessary crutch for superstitious fools, they are wrong.


He exists!


And our God is ready to help all of those who will repent of their evil and turn back to Him. I believe that He helped our founders win a blood-filled revolution against evil men who had forgotten that He was Sovereign, not them, and I believe that He can help us win a bloodless revolution today, if we will only put Him back in His rightful position.


The founders understood this principle, and we must too. It is simply this:


It begins with you!


You must first restore God and Christ as the rightful Sovereigns of your life. You must then restore them as the rightful Sovereigns of your family. Next, all righteous families must restore God and Christ as the rightful Sovereign of the church. Then, and only then, can we restore Them as the rightful Sovereigns of our nation.


The founders did not fight a revolution in order to seize power for themselves, their lawyers, or their buddies. No, they risked their honor, their fortunes, and their very lives in order to restore power to God. They did not do this, as some will mistakenly claim, in order to establish a Theocracy. They did it because they knew that God had to be honored in order to establish a country that was worth fighting for.


How about you?


Righteous exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Proverbs 14:34, NIV

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength... Isaiah 40:31, NIV

It is time to seek the LORD... Hosea 10:12, NIV