An Inadequate Constitution

"Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

John Adams


One of the greatest failures of our modern era is the almost complete lack of teaching  of the constitution to our children. An even greater threat is the teaching of this constitution without an understanding of the intent of the men who wrote it. But the greatest failure of this generation, in my opinion, has been the near total lack of teaching of God's morality and religion.


The success of the deists and atheists of our era has been nothing short of amazing. They have convinced the masses that God is dangerous in the public and that He must be completely removed from schools, government, and the public arena. It has only been a logical progression from that point to remove the discussion of the Constitution from our schools, for that discussion could lead to dangerous exploration of who these people were who gave us that constitution.


And just as the chaining of the Bible to the pulpit led to the Dark Ages, the chaining of the Constitution to the sole realm of the judicial system has led to a type of modern day dark age wherein only those who really "know" how to use the Constitution are allowed to do so.


Now, these modern day pharisees and priests of the Constitution have led a once righteous people to believe that it is okay to kill your unborn babies and your sickly grandparents. They have ruled that the activities that God had declared perverse, are normal, and that anyone thinking different better keep those thoughts to themselves or suffer the full-blown wrath of the legal system. They have created a welfare system comparable to the Roman era of "Bread and Circuses" in order to bribe the masses to keep their slave-masters in power, or to at least dope them up enough not to care who is ruling over them. They have decreed that the schools teach as science the theory that men come from goo, and forbid these same schools from teaching the counter (and correct science) that men were created by God.


And our modern day government has done all of this because at some point we decided that we no longer had to be a moral and religious people. And at whatever moment we reached that critical tipping point, the Constitution became wholly inadequate for government.


How's that working out for you?


As serious as the rejection and denial of our constitution's religious roots has proven to be, it is nothing compared to what has happened in the modern day church. In many ways the decline of the church has been the primary cause of the decline of America. The church today is either shrinking into insignificance, or has become a religious realm of bread and circuses that give the people just enough religion with their entertainment to believe that they are practicing Christians. They believe this because the Bible is rarely discussed in some churches, or so narrowly taught in others that God's word is hardly recognizable.


So, what is the solution? That part is simple. You first must start reading the Bible for yourself to find out what it says, and then you must obey. Second (and this part only works after you have accomplished the first) is to find out about the real founding of America and start studying the Constitution so that you will know what it actually says. 


Once you have done these things, you can then teach your children. Then, maybe, they can clean up this mess that we created when we decided that you could be a Christian without Christ, and that you could be ruled by a Constitution without God. There is hope for the church and, therefore, hope for America, but we have to get busy right now.


Are you up for the task... or are you one of those who believes that our Constitution is adequate for the government of an immoral and irreligious people?


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me... Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will turn back to you."

Psalms 51:10, 12-13