America Is Still Great

If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

Ronald Reagan

I have been listening to the news of late. We hear of an abortion doctor who has been accused of what all abortion doctors have always done - murder children. We hear of our right to bear arms under attack by the government, as if they really didn't understand that this right was put in place to protect from tyrannical leaders instead as some sort of boon granted by a benevolent dictator. We hear the politically correct passing laws about things that God decided on long ago.

If we are not careful we will think that America is not great anymore - but it is. You see our wicked leaders are not America - they don't even like it. Our abortion doctors are not America - they are killing as many future Americans as possible. The politically correct are not America - they are insignificant human beings vainly trying to be significant.

Real America is a nation that is funded by men and women with the Christian work ethic, not by those who would dare to live off of the generosity of others. Real America is, as our founders suggested, a noble experiment in democracy, not a nation to be ashamed of as many of those in prominent positions would suggest. Real America is a land of decent Christians, not a land of small, hypocritical and self-righteous bigots who fail to see their own hatred toward anyone with different beliefs.

Real America is one nation under God. It is in the process of being hijacked by perverse and hateful persons, but they are no more the rightful heirs to Real America than the terrorists are the rightful owners of the planes they take by force.

Real America will come back because real Americans will eventually do the right thing. We have been temporarily diverted by skillful politicians whose main weapons are to divide and conquer, but real Americans will eventually see through their schemes. The fact is that now, right now, real Americans are getting really sick and really tired of those who pretend to love America but who, in fact, really despise this land.

Ronald Reagan was right when he said we will be a nation "gone under" if we ever cease to be one nation under God, but I don't believe that time has yet come. In fact, I believe that the Real America is still present under the debris left by those who claim to represent us.

One thing may be helpful to keep in mind: Fools always trash their own homes but eventually abandon them when they think they have looted everything of value. In this case, they will only take the money. They will leave behind those things they deem to have no value... virtue, decency and the greatest treasure of all: God.

And when they are through, decent and virtuous people will be left behind to pick up the pieces of this indestructible, noble experiment once again: One Nation Under God!

Happy the people whose God is the Lord.

Psalms 144:14, RSV