Think, America

To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson

I vastly prefer to write about the happy side of Christianity over the duties of the Christian life. It is easier to dwell on the pleasant things. For this reason, most people tend to tune out controversy and conflict - why bother ourselves?

Occasionally, however, Christian duty demands thoughtful reflection on things in the world around us. I believe that recent events require at least some thought.

The other day, our President surrounded himself with children and proclaimed the need for stricter gun controls. The recent violence at Sandy Hook where 20 kindergartners were brutally murdered, necessitated these changes, we were told. The picture of these children near our President was designed to draw our sympathy, to arouse our ire, and to stimulate that protective nature in all caring people. It was designed, I believe, to produce powerful emotions to prompt the American people to support the current administration's gun controls.

You and I will draw our own conclusions as to what needs to be done - reasonable people do this, and sometimes reasonable people disagree. If you disagree with what I am about to write, then I respect you for it. But I believe a few things need to be considered:

First, Americans kill 20 preschoolers every eight minutes. When he was a Senator, The President, (the one who surrounded himself with children while signing 23 executive orders to protect our children), voted for abortion at every opportunity. Early stage abortion, late stage abortion, partial birth abortion - you name it and he couldn't get enough of it. He even voted at one point for doctors to not render aid to children accidentally born in a botched abortion. The body, the language went, was to be left alone until "limp".

Think, America, does this sound like a man concerned about the well-being of children?

Second, this President proposed, campaigned for, and signed legislation for a health care bill. He initially promised that Americans who did not support abortion would not have to pay for abortion - not ever! Since then, he has attempted to require health care professionals to take part in abortions against their will, to force some religious institutions to pay for abortions against their will, to force righteous companies to fund abortion against their will AND TO FORCE EVERY TAX PAYER TO FUND ABORTIONS FOR EVERYONE WHO CANNOT PAY FOR THEIR OWN ABORTIONS, against our will.

Think, America, does this sound like a President with concern for the citizens that he has been elected to serve?

Third, our President, while surrounded by children, has decided to limit the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America - the very one he swore to uphold and defend. The 2nd Amendment was instituted by a group of men who realized that citizens might be in the position someday to have to defend themselves against tyrannical leaders. The reason these men thought that might be a good idea was because they were in that exact position.

Look again at Jefferson's quote: It is the accurate statement, not the edited one that has gained recent popularity. Look at this quote and think, America, for this was the man who authored the largest part of the Declaration of Independence. In that document he indicated in the clearest possible terms that it would be the right and duty for men to take action against tyrannical rulers.

I do not want you to misunderstand the purpose of this article - it is not a call to arms. Rather, this is a call to think: Why would people seek to limit the Constitution? It cannot be to save children - about 100,000 have been slaughtered in our abortion parlors since that terrible day in December - so what does this mean? Why would our President and his handlers surround themselves with children while at the same time seeking to water down a Constitutional principle?

You can answer these questions better than I, but I do believe it is time for us to begin thinking about some subjects that most of us would prefer not to think about. It is time to think, America, before America changes forever into a nation whose leaders do all the thinking for us, and before those who dare to think are "discouraged" from doing so.

It's time to think, America. And, dear Christian brothers and sisters, this means you!

No one stops to think...

Isaiah 44:19, NIV