Day #53: He Who Dies with the Most Toys... Is Still Dead!

For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?

Luke 9:25, ESV


Was there ever a better coined phrase than, "The Rat Race"? It is amazing how many people fight and claw their way to the top, only to leave this world having fallen short of their purpose. One of the reasons we see so many people unsatisfied, though they may have wealth and power, is that this pursuit of wealth and power is not what we were put here for. We were put here to serve God! Those that figure this out will receive the greatest reward ever: The opportunity to serve God for all eternity!


Yet most men will never do that. Jesus pointed out in Matthew 7 that many would follow the wide road that leads to destruction, but only a few would take the narrow path that leads to life. Why is that? I believe it's because most people buy into the lie that success is based on what you can get, and if getting a little is good, then getting more is better. Because of this, most people spend their lives in pursuit of the things that do not accrue to eternal life. So at the end of this "rat race" they are left with what all rats are left with... a bunch of moldy cheese that does not satisfy.


Are you working for things eternal, or for the things of this world. Jesus made His point clear when He asked what good it would be for a man should he indeed gain the whole world, but in the end forfeit his very soul. What are you working towards? The reason that we are reading the Bible is to find out what the Creator wants us to do with this life, in order that we might have the privilege of serving Him for all eternity.


This is what we are here for!


Today's reading is from Luke chapter 9. It's a dandy!