Day 51: God Has Come to Help

They were all filled with awe and praised God. " A great prophet has appeared among us," they said, "God has come to help His people."

Luke 7:16, NIV


"God has come to help His people." Perhaps there is no better description of why God sent Jesus to this earth. The events preceding this passage are worthy of remembering. Jesus has just come into a town and found a widow whose only son had died. Those of us who have not experienced such sorrow cannot know the depth of grief that this dear woman was experiencing. She had first lost her husband, and now her child.


And then Jesus came to help! Sent into this world to redeem His people from their sins, God also allowed Jesus to perform many miracles which would not only help us to believe in His power and authority, but which would also help His people.


Can you imagine? What must it have been like for this woman to receive her son back from the dead? This woman who was likely completely bereft of hope for a good life, has now been given hope and joy and peace beyond anything that she could have dreamed she would ever experience again. She who was shattered was made whole, because God sent Jesus to help His people.


Now, we know that Jesus has died for our sins in order to give us hope and joy and peace at the prospect of serving Him and living with Him forever, but we also know there are certain things that He no longer can do. His ministry on earth is over. He has fulfilled that part of God's eternal purpose. But, though He no longer raises those who have died physically to return to live in this physical world, He promises that all who serve Him will be raised from physical death unto life eternal.


And that is even better!


This hope, in part, is why we are reading! To see the help that God still has for His people!


Today's reading is from Luke 7. Just as it did 2,000 years ago, it has the power to give you joy and peace and hope!