Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; Hosea 10:12(a), NIV


What a year this has been. From the disease that popped up in the first part of the year, to the response that followed, we have been through a lot. We have witnessed riots by those who were unhappy, with arson and looting and violence on a scale usually seen only in third world countries. Now, we are going through an election that has been so corrupted that, regardless of the outcome, half of the nation will never accept its result. Add to that the food shortages and homeless realities that are cropping up all over the world and we can see why most people feel a bit more stressed and confused than normal. But, then again, things haven't been normal for quite some time. Why is that, you may be wondering...


I believe the root of the problem is that we have stopped sowing righteousness. I believe that a people who accept the mass killings of innocent children and call it their right to choose, and who then turn around and accept orders to stop worshipping with the church because, they say, we haven't the right, have likely forgotten what righteousness is, so how can they possibly begin to sow it.


Maybe it is time to get back to our roots. In America we have a Constitution. It is our final authority when it comes to all things on a governmental basis, but we have forgot that and have thought that our elected officials and their minions were our ultimate governors. So we kill the unborn, celebrate immorality, close down churches and call it right behavior. Does this sound right to you? Looking at the world around us, I am afraid we have forgotten that we even have a Constitution.


But far worse is the fact that we have forgotten that we have One who is our final authority in all things: The Lord! We have forgot that He has provided us with a document that is the final say in all things! Yet we have turned to men with strong opinions, smooth speaking skills and impressive degrees to tell us what God really wants, even when it isn't. Again, it is time to return to our roots by returning to God and His Word.


Until we do these things, we will never be able to have anything that resembles "unfailing love" because God has placed the immutable principle in all areas of life that we will always reap what we sow. And, He tells us, that we must first break up our unplowed ground, but most have failed to do this because they have been distracted by wicked people who have been abusing their positions of authority... so what can we do?


We can begin to seek. We can seek out what our nation was founded upon, instead of continuing the same practices that have reduced its people to shame and poverty.


But before we can do that, we need to seek God and find out what He wants us to do. Until we do that, any attempts to right the wrongs of our nation and the world will never succeed, because we will attempt to right the wrongs with the opinions of men, rather than the way of God. We have all seen how that has worked out.


Don't you think that it is time?


For it is time to seek the LORD, until He comes and showers righteousness upon you. Hosea 10:12(b), NIV