Maybe the President was right. No, not the one we have now, but the one we had a few years ago. He came out one day and proclaimed that America was not a Christian nation. He did not say it in a manner that reflected shock and shame at such an assessment, rather, he stated it as one might proudly proclaim some sort of a noble accomplishment.


So, let's examine the claim that "America is no longer a Christian nation" - could that actually be true?


Well, think about this: If two groups of people were to pull down a statue, one a statue of Moses or perhaps of George Washington, the other group a statue portraying some sort of crude "art" such as the type we often find in front of our public libraries and museums, which group do you think would be arrested? If you said the latter, wouldn't you agree that our legal system is more in the control of the evil one than of God?


Which position do you feel would be met with the most opposition on our college campuses today: One that supported a godless and accidental universe, or one that affirmed a creation that was intelligently designed by a loving Creator? If you said the latter, wouldn't you agree that our colleges are often run by those outside of the influence of God?


Or, as a wild and random example, suppose you had the head of the Center for Disease Control and the Surgeon General of the United States of America come out one month and say that facemasks can do more harm than good when trying to prevent illness, but then just one month later come out and say the exact opposite. Do you think that those in this particular area of trust are being guided by wisdom or by foolishness?


And if you supported the traditional family, a male father married to a female mother, rather than supporting a male who says he identifies as a woman and would like to adopt children with his partner who identifies as a man, which position do you think would receive criticism in the media? If you said the first, would you not have to agree that most of our media is guided by satanic influences rather than by godly ones?


And, finally, if you saw two policeman, one who arrested a violent protestor who had thrown rocks at a fellow officer just for being a cop, and another policeman who simply turned away, which do you think would be commended by the mass of our current politicians, and which reprimanded? If you said the one who turned the other way and ignored the assault would be the most likely to be praised by our political elites, then wouldn't you agree that most of our politicians are under the influence of the devil rather than God?


And if you considered two people, one who raised his voice in objection to this turning of our society to evil, and one who just kept his mouth shut for fear of criticism... then which side do you think he was most supporting: The cause of Christ, or the cause of Satan?


Which person are you? Maybe the president who proudly proclaimed that we are no longer a Christian nation was right, but I am not inclined to give up on this One Nation Under God without a protest of my own. How about you?


       "For whoever is ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of man also be ashamed,

         when He comes in the glory of His  Father with the holy angels." Mark 8:38, RSV