Did You Think it Would be Easy?

"And lo, I am with you always." Jesus

My great grandmother's great grandfather sat in the Governor's mansion and had a college named after him. The name was later changed to the University of Tennessee. But before that, he had to do his part in the Revolutionary War. My great grandmother and great grandfather bore their final two children in a brand new state. But before that, they had to help settle the Oklahoma and Indian Territories.

My grandparents were witnesses to the moon landing but, before that, they had their start in a world where the wagons were pulled by horses and the houses were heated by coal and wood. Their restroom facilities were outdoors. My parents have lived through one of the greatest booms in the history of the world and are surrounded by conveniences that generations before them only dreamed of. But before that, they grew up during the great depression and the ravages of WWII.

We face uncertain times now - both from evil men and financial difficulties. How will we do, I wonder? At times I am very concerned about this world, but then I remember what the generations before me have gone through and realize that my difficulties are relatively minor by comparison. I also remember that God has not promised us ease and comfort. He never has, when you think about it.

Before David became king he had to go to battle with Goliath.

Before Daniel was made second in charge in Babylon he had to face the lions.

Before the Israelites received the promised land they had to wander 40 years in the wilderness.

We have been promised Heaven. We know that Christ is with us and that God is for us, so we will succeed - if we will only be faithful. The test will be hard at times but, then again, did you think that it would be easy?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31, NIV