Aim For Perfection

Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle.  



There's a story told of three men who were applying for a school bus driver's position. The route was over a dangerous mountain pass with several difficult switchbacks. The first man was asked how close he could get to the edge without going over the side. He allowed that he could probably get within a foot. The second applicant proudly proclaimed that with his skill he could get within six inches. The third man just shook his head and said, "You guys are crazy! We are driving children! I'm staying as far away from the edge as possible." Guess who got the job? Who would you hire if he were driving your kids?


While this illustration is just a story, the point is very real. Many people go through life trying to see how close they can get to the edge without going over the cliff. The fact is that God has called us to a lifetime of service. If we are faithful to Him, though we make many mistakes along life's way, we will be with Him forever.


The reason we can say this with confidence is not because we are perfect, but because God is faithful. Still we need to remember that while He knows we cannot be perfect, He does insist that we make every effort to stay as close to the mark as possible.


An important issue for each one to settle in his own life is this: Will we just serve God in any old way that suits us and call it perfection, or will we truly aim for perfection? The reason that we have even heard of Michelangelo is that he sought perfection in his work by paying close attention to detail. As a result, he was able to accomplish the remarkable.


How about us? Can we seek anything less than perfection in our service to the Master? Do we think that He will accept anything less? Would you?


Aim for perfection...    

II Corinthians 13:11