Are You Finished? - Day 15

There's and old story told about a young man upon his graduation from college. He went into the President's office to tell him good-bye since he had now "finished his education". The president, no doubt a bit amused, replied, "Indeed? I am just beginning mine."


I have a lot in common with that young man, for I love to finish a project so I can consider it complete and then move on to something else. Today you are halfway finished with the challenge to read through the New Testament in thirty days. I have little doubt that having made this accomplishment, you will continue on to complete this challenge over the next fifteen days, but what then? Will you be finished or, like the wise old college president, will you realize that your education is just beginning?


In today's reading of Acts 17-25, we come across two great examples of this very concept. The first is found in Acts 18, where we are introduced to Apollos, a Jew of whom we are told was learned in the Scriptures and an eloquent speaker. But though he was thoroughly familiar with the Scriptures of the Old Testament, and though he powerfully spoke about what he knew about Jesus, his knowledge was limited. So, Aquilla and Priscilla took him into their home and taught him the way of God more thoroughly. 


It is important to understand that Apollos could have been offended that someone would suggest that his knowledge was limited, but it did the opposite. He eagerly learned the knowledge that he had been lacking and then used that furthered education to encourage those who by grace had come to believe in Christ.


Right after the account of Apollos, the inspired writer of Acts goes on to describe about a dozen disciples who were believers in Christ but who still had gaps in their knowledge. This should not be a surprise when we realize that the teachings about the Christ were still new. The information took time to get around because the New Testament was not available to them for it had yet to be written. So when these twelve men found out they were lacking in knowledge as they were taught by Paul, they not only learned the complete will of God, but then they acted on that knowledge.


We live in an era where the New Testament is readily available to us. This preserved and inspired portion of God's Word has been completed for over 1,900 years, yet, there are still many who are unfamiliar with its teachings. There are some who already "know all they need to know" and therefore cannot be helped. Their education is finished. There is nothing more that they are willing to learn.


Does this describe us? Or, like the wise college president, the powerful orator and servant of God, Apollos, and the twelve disciples who were eager to continue their education that they might be saved and help others towards the same goal - indeed like all of these people - will we hunger and thirst for the knowledge that we need for life eternal. The choice is ours! Are you finished, or is your education just beginning?