Creator or Evolution, Order or Chaos - Day 8

We live in a wonderful world, do we not? The morning of this article I have enjoyed a glorious sunrise in the eastern sky, and a beautiful full moon  still visible in the western sky. When you think of the intricacy with which the universe has been put together, when you view the order of this marvelous creation, you wonder how anyone could possibly believe in the fairy tale of a godless evolution, To believe that this universe just "happened" by a random and chaotic series of events in which something came from nothing, is an insult to the intelligence that God has placed within the human mind. When we view this order and detail of our universe, we realize that God has thought of everything.


I suppose one of the reasons that I love the Gospel of Luke so is that it is written in an orderly fashion. Luke is a wonderful Book! It is written from the perspective of a Greek writer and, more importantly, is inspired by God. Within Luke we find the second genealogy of our Lord and Savior. While Matthew, a book written by a Jewish Apostle of Christ in such a manner as to provide convincing proofs of His Deity in a way that would especially appeal to the Jews, Luke was written by a Gentile physician in a way that would especially appeal to the Gentile worldview. Luke's genealogy therefore goes through the lineage of Nathan, the brother of King Solomon. Compare that to the lineage that Matthew records, which goes through Solomon and his descendants. One lineage is through the legal father, Joseph, one is through the actual Father and is the lineage of Mary,


When you view the four Gospel accounts of Jesus, you realize that, just as in His Creation, God has thought of everything.


As we have stressed so many times before, this reading through the New Testament in thirty days is not something to be rushed through. We are reading the very words of God that describe the way in which His eternal purpose was fulfilled in Christ. Within these readings we will find the precise way that God has deigned for us to be saved. It is not a random or chaotic way of our own choosing. It is a detailed plan that does not vary. It is orderly, it is well thought out, and it is unchangeable. More than any other motive for taking part in this challenge, make sure that the main thing is kept the main thing: You want to be saved! God's Word reveals how you can do that.


Like the flawed theory of evolution that just seems to evolve itself from day to day, people's view of how to be saved is ever changing. It seems as though every few generations since the events of Christ's resurrection, men have desired to "adjust" God's plan of salvation to a more marketable plan of popular acceptance. The lie of evolution has been presented as fact for so long that people can hardly open their eyes and plainly see the creation for the only thing that it can be: A work of God. And, the lies of mankind's "plan" of salvation have for so long been presented as truth, that men can hardly see the simple plan of salvation that God has so plainly set forth within His holy Word.


This, then, is our main goal for this thirty-day challenge. To find out the will of God and to do it!


Todays reading is Luke 6-13. May God richly bless your quest for discovering His holy will!