They Crucified Him - Day 7

"They crucified Him". In all four of the Gospel accounts, including in the one we read today in Mark 15, we read these same three words. Nothing more. Have you ever thought about the reason for this?


Of course we cannot know for sure, but I find it interesting that when the New Testament writers were inspired by God's Holy Spirit to describe that crucifixion, that each one simply said, "they crucified Him". Perhaps it was for reasons that we can readily understand. If you have ever experienced the death of a loved one under terrible circumstances, then you know that it is hard to even talk about it, much less to describe it in detail.


But the crucifixion is our lifeline to God. It was on that cruel cross that Jesus took our sins upon Him and shed His own innocent blood to take away the guilt of our own wicked behavior. It was because of His willingness to do so, combined with His marvelous resurrection, "He arose", that we have the opportunity to be with Him forever in Heaven.


During the first 12 days of this challenge to read through the New Testament you will read four separate accounts of just what Jesus went through for us. He was arrested on false charges. He was spat upon, both by Jew and Gentile, and was beaten at least three times, again both by Jew and Gentile. In an attempt to further His humiliation He was stripped of His clothing and then He was nailed to the cross. He was then lifted up for all to see, for all to have their last chance to mock our holy Savior, and for all to have one more chance to express their hatred for Him. But, why?


During His ministry he healed the sick. He fed the hungry. He encouraged the downtrodden. He gave simple rules for all to have a better life. In short, He spent about three years in public ministry to others to show how loved they were by His Father. And for this, they crucified Him. 


Today's reading is the last two chapters of Mark and the first five chapters of Luke. Let me encourage you not to rush through these readings. They truly are the message that God wants you to have. Such a valuable revealing of what God wants us to know is surely worth a few moments of our serious and grateful attention!