Day 28: This is Love


                                                                                             THIS  IS  WHAT JESUS  SAYS  IS  LOVE



"And this is love, that we follow His commandments."

II John 1:6, RSV  


Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of, "I may not always do everything that God says, but He knows that I love Him."? We have all probably said or thought something along those lines, and we feel pretty good about that idea... until we read the passage above. The Apostle John, through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, defined love by obedience.


It's funny because Jesus does the same thing. In four separate statements in John 14, Jesus tied our love for Him to obedience to His commands. Contrast that to the false idea that "God knows we love Him, even when we don't obey" and we realize that we have a problem.


Who do you suppose is right - us or God?


That's one of the big reasons that we read the Bible, when you think about it. It's so we will know how those who say they love God and Jesus are required to show that love.


"If you love Me, you will keep my commandments."

John 14:15, RSV


Today is day 28 of the Thirty Day Bible challenge. If you have made it this far, then you are nearly done with an accomplishment that very few people have ever made. Today's readings are II Peter 2-3, I, II, & III John and Jude. If you would like to see the whole Bible challenge, just go to the 30 day Bible challenge website and click on the Bible challenge tab at the top of the page. Once you are finished, why not challenge someone else to take the Thirty Day Bible challenge for themselves.