What Will You Do With Your Turn?

It's your turn.  

Jack W. Carter

I still remember the day, over 25 years ago, that I first heard Jack speak on this theme. He talked about how this life is our turn. We can use it in any way we want, because it's our turn. If we should so choose, we can spend it in pursuit of the party life, making our way through life in a drunken or drugged fog, if we want... because it's our turn.

Or, we could spend our efforts in pursuit of lust and physical pleasures. We could live our lives in the promiscuous immorality of adultery or fornication or homosexuality if we want... because it's our turn. We could make it our life goal to pursue the almighty dollar - not caring who we step on upon our way to the top, if we want - and God would let us do it... because it's our turn.

You see God has given us, for lack of a better description, a turn here on earth. He wants to find out if we will serve Him or if we will take this turn for our own selfish desires. He will let us do anything that we want during our turn, but we have to remember two things: First, God will call us to account some day. There really will be a day of reckoning and the wise man will ask himself, "What then?" The other thing that we need to know is this:

We were called to something better!

What about you? What are you doing with your turn? Do you realize the price of the ticket for your turn was the shed blood of Jesus? Perhaps, you don't know... or perhaps you just don't care, but that's okay because God will let you do whatever you want with your turn... until your turn is through.

But, for those in the pursuit of excellence and purity and holiness and joy, there is God's way. So, how about you? What will you do with your turn? 

The length of days is seventy years - or eighty, if we have the strength... Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.   

Psalms 90:10-12, NIV (Moses)