What Good is Christianity, Anyway?

Picture this: You are driving down the road, happy and content, when you realize that you have a flat tire. You pull off to a nice level spot. In your trunk is a new spare tire as well as a good jack, tire iron and lug nut wrench. Your Bachelor's Degree is in auto mechanics and you have recently completed your MSTC (Master of Science in Tire Changing). You, however, just sit in your car and wonder, "What's the use of having the right tools and proper training? I got a flat, anyway!" A bit foolish, isn't it?

Yet, how many people go through life just as happy as can be until something goes wrong. Maybe they were raised in a good Christian family. Maybe they went to worship and Bible classes every week. They might be daily Bible readers and regular in their prayer life. But then, disaster strikes! Maybe it's health related. Maybe it's their job or finances. Perhaps someone has let them down. Maybe someone very close to them has died. Whatever the hardship, they are in great despair and they ask themselves something along the lines of, "What good is Christianity, anyway?"

None... if you don't use it!

We must understand that Christianity is not a magic talisman that will prevent us from experiencing harm. God did not design His perfect way of life as insurance against discomfort. While no one but God can answer why some people seem to suffer so much, while others seemingly have it made, we can be sure of these two things: 1)This world is not Heaven, and 2) Life is a test. Will we be faithful to God in good times, and in bad, or will we be "fair weather" servants? Will we lean upon God and Christ when we cannot make it on our own, or will we try to hold Them accountable when things do not go our way? Will we praise Their holy Names, come what may?

Or... will we in difficult times just ask, "What's the use? What good is Christianity, anyway?" The answer to that question may well determine both our quality of life on this earth as well as our dwelling place for all eternity. The fact is that God will always be there for His children. If we will serve Him, in good times and bad, He truly will help us every step of the way. Life will not always be easy, but God and Christ will never let us down.

What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such a faith save him? ...faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 

James 2:14 & 17, NIV