True Genius

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  

Thomas Edison

When Edison invented the light bulb, his work was only just beginning. He had discovered that the placement of a platinum wire in a sealed glass tube would glow and give off light when connected to an electric current. Edison had 3,000 theories on the invention of this light bulb, and each theory seemed reasonable and promising, but only two of these theories actually worked. But work they did and he had a light bulb.

It was in his search for a filament that could be economically mass produced that would prove to be his biggest hurdle. The platinum filament was too expensive and rare to be commercially viable, so Edison went back to the drawing board. His search for a cheaper and more readily available filament led Edison to carbonize and test over 6,000 different substances before he found one that would work: A type of bamboo that grew in abundance in Japan. Then, Edison had to invent a system that would produce and deliver electricity - so he did.

As you sit reading this, you may be wondering why I am giving a history lesson. The reason is simple: It is when we see what others have accomplished through perseverance and hard work that we begin to understand the capacity for great achievement that God has placed within each one of us. Few people would deny that Edison was a true genius, but I wonder how many people realize the full extent of the effort that he put forth to make that genius of value to others. Do you think that anyone would have ever heard of Thomas Edison, regardless of his genius, had he not been so willing to put  forth quality effort?

One of the vital lessons that we all need to learn is that God has given each of His creations a unique set of abilities and talents to be used in His service. While we all have this "genius", we will find that it is only useful when combined with hard work and perseverance. People always envy the great men and women of history, but rarely recognize the fact that God has blessed them with similar potential. It is when we act on that potential that we find that we can truly do great things in this life of service that God has entrusted to us all.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. 

Jesus, as recorded in Luke 12:48, NIV