Three Days In Utopia

"The heavens declare the glory of God." King David


A few years ago, my wife and I enjoyed a three day trip to Utopia, Texas. Utopia is located near the junction of the Sabinal and Frio Rivers. It is part of the Texas Hill country and is covered with foliage, including enormous Cypress trees which line the banks of the rivers. It used to be called Waresville, but the name was changed in 1886 to Utopia.


Rarely has a town been more aptly named!


I would get up at sunrise and walk along the crystal clear river, and as the sun came up, the surface of those waters reflected the huge cypress trees. On one of the mornings I even got to enjoy the reflection of the near full moon as it filtered down through the leaves of those trees. I would watch the trout as they swam through those clear waters, and the turtles as they took their leisurely stroll along the river's floor.


Carolyn and I hiked up into the hills one morning while the area was blanketed in fog. We sat at the top of a high hill and discussed everything from the church, to our kids, to the rest of our lives here on earth. We then sat in awe as the fog lifted to reveal the Frio river valley with all the glory that God has blessed it with. Even from over a mile away, we could see those clear, still waters as they reflected the surrounding trees and hills.



As I reflect more and more about the beauty of God's creation, I find my thoughts turning to Heaven and what it must be like. To have a place created by our Loving Father and prepared by our Beloved Savior - I know that it will be beyond anything that even God's creation holds here on earth... and I don't want to miss it. I do not want to settle for three days in Utopia, and then an eternity in Hell - do you? 


We know that if we make it to Heaven that it will be by the grace of God and the shed blood of Jesus - but we still have our part to do. May we all do our part. May we all seek His will through His word and then do it, for we cannot afford to miss the wonders of His glory in Heaven. I'm looking forward to Heaven and I am determined to do everything in my power to serve God in the way He wants me to - and I am determined that my family will do the same.


We have enjoyed our three days in Utopia here on earth, but it is not enough. Carolyn and I and our kids are making plans to be in Heaven some day. I pray that we make it, and I pray that you and your family will make it as well. 


For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have clearly been seen, being understood from what God has made... Romans 1:20, NIV