The Seeds of Greatness

Every artist was first an amateur. Emerson

What do Vincent van Gogh, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and you and I have in common? All had to start somewhere. One of the joys of Christian living is the fact that each day is the beginning of the rest of our eternity. That means, like van Gogh, Einstein and Edison, we are on the verge of great things, should we so choose.

I've been involved in several very time consuming projects this summer. None are particularly noteworthy, and at times they just seem to be using up my few remaining days here on earth. In fact, today appeared to be a series of one wasted effort followed by another. Looking back over the day, it seemed to be a lot of meaningless labor - just a bunch of hours and a lot of work strung together for no real purpose.

It seemed like a wasted day.

But this evening I was given the gift of a glorious sunset consisting of spectacular sunbeams filtering down through golden clouds. And I realized that the Creator who made this incredible display of beauty has also promised us eternal life. Just imagine, the One who created us is planning an eternity that will be filled with significance and purpose. 

And my day that seemed wasted? It was a day of work for my sweet daughter who is more than deserving of lost day every now and again. Especially, I now realize, when that day was not lost at all - It was simply lived for someone else and then capped off by a gift of glory and splendor that I certainly did not deserve.

How about you? Do your days seem dreary on occasion? They are really not, you know, if you are attempting to live as a servant of God. In fact, God may just be preparing you for great things. Maybe you won't be the next van Gogh, Edison or Einstein, but you might be - either in this world or the one to come. Maybe your just enjoying your amateur phase at the present. Maybe, just maybe, God is allowing you the time to sow a few seeds of greatness.

Life's not bad, when you think about it. Just a lot of meaningful days strung together for eternity, with a few golden sunsets thrown in to remind us that we are here for a glorious purpose... should we so choose.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

II Corinthians 4:17, NIV