The Next Great Generation

If you want to be great, you will first have to stop being content with mediocrity. Greatness demands sacrifice!

Most students of recent history are familiar with those people whom Tom Brokaw named "the Greatest Generation". They survived the great depression, fought WWII, and then helped build America into a Superpower. If there were to be one criticism of this generation, it would be in their seeming inability to pass along this willingness for sacrifice to the next generation. One can readily see why this might be the case: They simply wanted a better life for their kids, and they didn't want them to have to go through the hardships that they went through. While this is a noble sentiment, it robbed their kids of the struggle that is so necessary to make people worthwhile.

Please don't get me wrong. I know that many of the parents from that generation did raise their children with the knowledge that sacrifice for others is required of all noble people, but many did not. So now we have a generation of people who have a sense of entitlement - specifically, an entitlement to other people's money. That this same generation has little concept of sacrifice is even more evident by it's unwillingness to pay it's own way, or even for it's own mistakes.

How else could you describe a generation that aborts between 1/4 and 1/3 of all it's children? How else could you describe a generation that has run up more than $16 trillion dollars in debt for it's own children and grandchildren to pay? I was reading the results of a survey that was taken over a period of years from numerous congregations. It indicated that less than half of churchgoers prayed every day, and only a quarter of them read the Bible each day.

So, how is all of this related, and what does it have to do with the next "Great Generation"? Simply this: Men and women who are in constant contact with their Creator, through prayer and study, understand the need for sacrifice. This means foregoing certain pleasures until they are married. This means foregoing certain expenditures until they can afford them. People who read God's word on a regular basis will come to understand important things like sacrifice, self-control, and love for their neighbors. People who pray for God's loving kindness every day are far less likely to treat others in a hateful or disrespectful manner.

And... people who are sincerely trying to be the best servants of God are going to learn that this means service to others. We live in unsettled times, it is true, but so has every person of every generation that has ever lived. The only difference, from generation to generation, is whether or not that generation will choose to be great. We are in need of the next Great Generation! Right now, our families, the Lord's church, and this nation are in serious peril - you don't have to be a genius to recognize this truth. 

Here is another truth that I believe we must face right now: We are in danger of losing all that we have if we do not become that next great generation. It will require sacrifice that goes far beyond "lip service". It will require strength of character that goes far beyond the watered down morality of modern society. And, more than anything else, it will require a return to God. If you are willing to become part of the next great generation, then you must start soon. Today, in fact, would be a great day to start. You can do so by praying to God for help and forgiveness. Then, you can pick up your Bible with the firm commitment to find out everything that God expects of you. It will require sacrifice, but the next generation is counting on you. Are they worth the sacrifice to you?

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. Jesus, as recorded in Mark 10:43, NIV