Thanksgiving - The First Day of the Week

A song of ascents. Of David.

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

Psalms 122:1, NIV


Today is Sunday, the first day of Thanksgiving week in America. But even more important than that, it is the first day of the week. This is the day that the Lord has set aside for His people to gather together to worship He and His Son. It is a day of Bible study - of reading and teaching from His holy Word. It is a day to sing songs of praise to the Father and the Son. It is a day to give as we have prospered and as we have purposed in our hearts. It is a day of prayer.


More than anything else, it is a day designed by God for Christ's church to gather around the table of Christ to partake of the Lord's supper. This allows us to remember the price of our sins that Jesus paid on the cross. The unleavened bread represents His body that was beaten and spat upon and torn and then stripped and nailed to the cross. The cup, the fruit of the vine, represents His blood that began to be shed upon His beatings, first by the Jews, then by the Gentiles. That life-blood was fully poured out on our behalf when He was nailed to the cross. By partaking of this supper of the Lord on the first day of each and every week, we are able to reset our minds and our hearts to that which we are here for.


He was lifted up on that cruel cross that men might see the terrible price of their sins. At the time of His crucifixion some took the opportunity to scorn and mock the holy Son of God - and some still do to this very day. But for those who are grateful, this raising up upon the cross =with all of the suffering that went along with it - we with thanksgiving meet on this first day of the week to commemorate His death, His burial, and His resurrection!


We are unworthy indeed, but we are thankful! And if you will, it is this day that we should be most thankful for. We are of course grateful for the many blessings we have enjoyed as citizens of this nation in which we live. We should be! But great nations, along with all of their great blessings, eventually come to an end - usually because they forget the true Source of these blessings. But the blessings of God never cease for those who, with thanksgiving, humbly accept these gifts.


I hope that you have taken this first day of the week to offer your thanksgiving to God and Christ by worshipping Them in a way that is befitting of a people so blessed!