The World You Make

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

Luke 6:31, ESV


What if the world was exactly like you? What if the only things available on television and the computer were the types of things you viewed yourself? What if the only type of music was the type you actually listened to? I don't mean the exact shows and the exact categories of music, rather, the morals that were associated with the kinds of things that you view and hear?


What if people only spoke the way you do? Again, I don't mean that they parroted your exact words, or had your accent and dialect, but that they spoke with the same measure of kindness or unkindness, the same mildness or coarseness of language, the same consideration or lack thereof. Would their be profanity, or hatefulness?


What if people's standard of conduct were the same as yours? Would there be a need for prisons and lawyers? Would there be addictions to drugs or alcohol? Would there be lying and deceit? Would there be sexual immorality? Would there be violence and murder?

I have wondered just what kind of world this would be if people copied my lifestyle - would it be a type of heaven on earth, or would it be pretty much the realm of Satan that we  live in now? I realize that we cannot change the world, but have you ever considered whether it would even be a better place if you could simply change it to be more like the way you live... or would it pretty much be the same?


You can't change the world. People tell us this all the time.


But we can change ourselves! It begins with turning our lives over to Christ and living the way He commands. In fact, it begins with something as simple as doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.


And this, dear friends, could change the world.